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Our farm is closed for the season. 
Many thanks to our wonderful customers for seeking out local, sustainable food and flowers! 
See you in the Spring!


Early Owl Farm is a small, diversified, family farm.  Our focus is growing delicious, nutrient-dense vegetables and beautiful cut flowers, raising happy chickens and taking care of our land.

The health of our farm's ecosystem is extremely important to us, and our farming practices reflect that.  Although we're not yet certified organic, we strictly adhere to organic farming methods. 

In fact, we go beyond the rules of the organic certifiers and practice what is called Regenerative Agriculture:  "Regenerative Agriculture is a holistic land management practice that leverages the power of photosynthesis in plants to close the carbon cycle, and build soil health, crop resilience and nutrient density." (Regeneration International) 

If you'd like to learn more about this philosophy, here's a great site:  http://www.regenerationinternational.org.


We grow a wide array of vegetables in order to offer a nice variety to our community.  We source our certified organic seed from companies in the Pacific Northwest who know what grows well in our climate.  We use certified organic compost, worm castings and cover crops for fertility and organic matter, inoculate our soil with mycchorhizal fungi and take great care of our soil biodiversity.  We invite beneficial insects and all sorts of other creatures to our farm by planting the flowers they love right alongside our vegetable crops and by maintaining hedgerows of native plants.


About 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are imported from other countries and must be completely free of pests in order to pass through customs.  This results in heavily fumigated flowers with extremely high carbon footprints ending up in people's homes. 

At Early Owl Farm we take great pleasure in growing all our gorgeous blooms on our property in Eugene, without pesticides, fungicides or travel times.



We're the kind of chicken owners who name their chickens (our kids choose most of the names), hang out with them, and enjoy giving them treats (they really love watermelon) - they're like our pets.  Our hens (Clementine, Pumpkin Pie, Darth, Buff, Fluffy Feathers, Yoda and friends) are pasture-raised, meaning they are out on their pasture all day, every day eating grass, seeds and bugs (at night they sleep in their snug and secure chicken house to keep them safe from predators). 

We rotate their pasture periodically so their natural tendencies to roam, scratch, peck and fertilize the land work symbiotically with the soil.  We supplement their diet with certified organic chicken feed and the trimmings from our vegetable crops.



questions? comments? feedback?

requests? advice? recipes? 

we'll take them all, and with a smile!


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